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'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted'

  • Prevocational Services--This program provides activities relevant to learning and experiences needed for paid employment and volunteer work.  

  • Supported Employment Services (SES)--This program locates jobs for people served within the community based on their ability.  On-the-job training is provided along with supervision to help the people served keep their jobs.

  • Supported Living Services--This program provides outreach and intake services, information and referral, needs assessment and service coordination for people with IDD living on their own or with family members in the community.  

  • Money Management Program--People served are assisted and taught the concepts of proper budgeting, bill paying, and saving.

  • Group Home/Supervised-Living--This program provides supervised family-style living arrangements for developmentally delayed men and women with the objective of independent living. 

  • Day Services-Adult--This program provides appropriate functional training to the IDD population.  People served range in functionability and are taught skills based on their skill level.  

  • Bible Study Program--This program provides daily devotion time for people served and staff. 

  • Transportation Services--MCFS provides transportation to and from the facility for the people served daily via vehicles obtained through a Mississippi Department of Transportation 5310 Grant Program (Elderly and Disabled Program).  Transportation is also provided to the local community for a fee (as needed and on-demand) when and if it does not disrupt the services of the people served at MCFS.  The MCFS transportation department works closely with local transportation providers to collaborate services for community people to ensure needs are met--if MCFS cannot meet the need, we will work with other providers to ensure the person gets where they need to go.  

Programs: Service

It is the policy of MCFS that no persons will be discriminated against in employment or participation in any program or activity of MCFS due to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or irrelevant disability. MCFS is a member of ECFA and the Barnabas Foundation.

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